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Irwin Carmickle Fraley, LLP

We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome serious injuries.


Experienced lawyers always have better results. We have handled thousands of cases with great success. Our goal is to help our clients return to normal lives as soon as possible and to recover the amount of money required to pay for their medical bills, wage loss, and to compensate them for their pain, suffering, and any permanent injuries they have sustained. 

We have been helping people who have been inujured in ski and snowboard injuries for over 28 years. Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and staff are highly-trained and very experienced in pursuing these cases. We are committed to providing outstanding legal services to our clients and no fees are ever charged unless you win your case.
We Understand The Legal Issues In Ski And Board Injury Cases.

Ski and snowboard accident case are not like any other cases. Every state where skiing or boarding takes place has laws that address liability in these cases. Understanding these law is critical to obtaining a great result for our clients.  

We Understand The Medical Issues For These Types Of Inuries.


Having handled ski and board injury cases for over 26 years, we understand the medical issues that our clients face and types of treatment they need. We have worked closely with orthopedic and neurologic physicians and have great working relationships with these physicians. They trust that we have the knowledge and experience that is required to fully prosecute these types of cases from beginning to a successful conclusion. 

We Help Our Clients Put Their Lives Back Together.

When someone is injured in a ski or snowboard accident, it can significantly affect their ability to work and earn a living, placing extreme stress on them and their family. Hiring the right lawyers can mean the difference between financial security and bankruptcy. We understand the stress these injuries place on families and we are dedicated to helping our clients through these difficult times. 

Our Staff Is Here To Help.


At Irwin Carmickle Fraley, LLP our staff is dedicated to serving our clients and their families. Let us help you through the difficuilt times after an injury. Your only job should be to focus on your health and getting better. Let us handle the legal matters and give you and your family peace of mind.


Thank you. 

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